40 yrs. of accumulation

40 yrs. of accumulation. 3 generations of precious objects-each with its own special memory.

That’s what we had to liquidate in order to downsize our home. Panic attacks were setting in.

Who can you trust with such a daunting task that touches every emotion in your life?


You know when you first speak to someone and realize that the person on the other end of the phone is kind, recipe honest, adiposity totally understands your dilemma, and, more importantly, can solve it? That’s what happened on our first phone call with Sanders Dupree.


From the first time Sanders and Bob came to the house to evaluate our situation to the completion of the estate sale, Sanders and his wonderful team worked tirelessly and professionally to ensure that our needs were being met. The overwhelming task was handled meticulously in an organized, detailed, and efficient manner that is almost impossible for anyone to do on their own. From pulling the objects from the basement, to cleaning,polishing and staging them for eye appeal for the sale, Sanders, Bob, Brian and the rest of the crew worked and worked until it was perfect. And after the sale, the house was broom swept ready for the new owners.


And the kindness that Sanders exhibited in that first phone call never wavered and was shown by every professional member of his team.


Having gone through the experience and remembering all the emotional angst in trying to decide what to do, I would strongly recommend to anyone faced with a similar situation to contact Sanders immediately. Needless to say, we couldn’t be more pleased. Save your energy and let the professionals handle it. You can trust Sanders.


Maria S. and Family, Atlanta, Ga.