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POSTED:  February 15,  2017

I have seen the home and must say you did an excellent job.  Your quick turnaround and thorough cleaning were impressive.  The representative from the auction company went to the home today and even he remarked about what a great job you did.

Liz Pope

Pope Law Firm


January 17,  2017

Wanted to say how pleased I am with the clean out you did on my sister’s storage units. The family could not have dome it without your professional staff.  

Ann Flower


To: The Estate Experts

 I am flabbergasted!  This is really great and I am very happy. You and your team are my guardian angels!  you have really gone to bat for us in such a short time and we are very appreciative.  Thank you so much for everything.   I  have to tell you I am still speechless from just walking in the house this afternoon!!!  After ya’ll left, we walked around for a few more minutes just looking (admiring) at what was no longer there.  We kept saying, “How did they do this?”   I know I have used the words like amazing, wonderful, beautiful, overwhelming, fabulous over and over.  I just can’t think of many more words other that these to describe what you and your team did with all of our treasures and how we are feeling about the results of the saleYou certainly not only met, but tremendously exceeded our expectations!  No one could have convinced me that so much would have been sold, let alone the amount of money that was collected!  Genius, just geniuses, I must say!  Your team were all so pleasant and still smiling after many hard days.  I so appreciate them saying they had such a good time.  That makes me feel so right about this whole process.  I just love having fun with fun.

Linda Jackson

Posted: November 22, 2016  


May 9, 2016

Sanders – I just received your final accounting and close-out check for the estate sale at our house. I can’t tell you how impressed we both were with you and your whole team’s professionalism through the entire process. Your final accounting is right on the money, so to speak.

Jim Henderson


Sanders, you guys were wonderful. I had no idea how much work was involved in a cleanout. The realtor sent photographs of my aunt’s home and it was spotless.  Imre said you had to bring in only three large dumpsters, thought it would have been more. Thanks for the great service and the donation receipts.

T J Bentley

Santa Maria, Ca



I received the check and accounting yesterday-thanks so very much for the speedy turn-around..  I think the sale went well and appreciate all your hard work! Have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and the team
Barbara Akins

Posted: November 18, 15

“I can’t express how happy and satisfied we were with Sanders, Brian and everything that was involved in our estate sale. Honest, professional, courteous, did I mention honest? I would recommend this team of experts to everyone who needs an estate sale. They delivered exactly what they said. Other businesses should look to their fine standards for success. Thanks,  Jane and Noel Johnston   September 18, 2015

June 22, 2015

    You and your staff did such an exceptional job consulting with us prior to the sale, organizing and displaying the items and coordinating the sale event. Your diplomacy with the neighbors and homeowners association was terrific. The final clean up was fantastic, cannot thank you enough. You went above and beyond our expectations on communicating with us throughout the entire process and the proceeds from the sale was received within a few days of completion.  What service!  You truly did an exceptional job for us and we are very grateful for your professionalism. If anyone is considering your services, I would definitely give you a thumbs up!”
Best wishes.
Bob Gilbert   Sandy Springs, Ga

March 18, 2015

Never thought I would find myself needing someone to help with an estate, this changed several months ago when a dear friend died and left me with the responsibility of handling his estate. After meeting with his attorney I learned that most everything was in order and that I needed to call someone to handle the liquidation of all personal property. Sanders Dupree’s name was give along with two others which I contacted first. My third call was to The Estate Experts and after speaking with Sanders I knew I had the right person to assist me. After emailing him photographs of the home and contents he schedules a time for us to meet.    
I was very impressed with his group’s knowledge and we signed an agreement for them to start immediately starting with an estate sale. I had no idea the amount of work and time that goes into an estate sale. The entire group worked for several weeks taking inventory, sorting junk from wanted goods, arranging the home, professionally displaying and pricing everything.    
The sale was very successful and items remaining were either purchased by The Estate Experts or delivered to several donation organizations. Sanders, Thank you and the entire group for your understanding and much appreciated help.    
Thomas Foley of Dallas, Tx

November 2014

40 yrs. of accumulation. 3 generations of precious objects-each with its own special memory.
That’s what we had to liquidate in order to downsize our home. Panic attacks were setting in.
Who can you trust with such a daunting task that touches every emotion in your life?
You know when you first speak to someone and realize that the person on the other end of the
phone is kind,honest, totally understands your dilemma, and, more importantly, can solve it?
That’s what happened on our first phone call with Sanders Dupree.
From the first time Sanders and Bob came to the house to evaluate our situation to the
completion of the estate sale, Sanders and his wonderful team worked tirelessly and
professionally to ensure that our needs were being met. The overwhelming task was handled
meticulously in an organized,detailed, and efficient manner that is almost impossible for anyone
to do on their own. From pulling the objects from the basement, to cleaning,polishing and
staging them for eye appeal for the sale, Sanders, Bob, Brian and the rest of the crew worked
and worked until it was perfect. And after the sale, the house was broom swept ready for the
new owners.
And the kindness that Sanders exhibited in that first phone call never wavered and was shown
by every professional member of his team.
Having gone through the experience and remembering all the emotional angst in trying to
decide what to do, I would strongly recommend to anyone faced with a similar situation to
contact Sanders immediately. Needless to say, we couldn’t be more pleased. Save your energy
and let the professionals handle it. You can trust Sanders.
Maria S. and Family, Atlanta, Ga.

“We had a sudden unexpected passing of our family member. We were so fortunate to have found Sanders, of Estate Liquidators.

Sanders handled our “heavy abundance of items” in a very large house with care & integrity. His honesty & kindness rang through as well as the staff too.

I had spoken to a couple of other estate planners prior to Sanders as I was feeling things out, however, after my conversation on the phone with Sanders I knew Estate Planners was the best choice.”

Date of Posting: 27 June 2013
Posted By: Joan T. Atlanta, GA.

Dear Sanders,
“I want to thank you, Bob, and your crew for the much needed help on handling the estate at my special mom’s house in Woodstock. Both Tom and I were facing such daunting task and you stepped in and “saved the day”.
I am enjoying the few items that I brought back to Colorado. They invoke happy and at times sad – memmories. I miss my dad and Marylow. But again, thank you so much for your help when we really needed it.”

Terri Allen
August 3, 2012

Date of Posting: 16 September 2012
Posted By: Terri Allen

“May 11, 12 & 13, 2012, The Estate Sale Experts held a very successful estate sale at our home of 22 years. With a looming closing we had very little time to ready our home for the new owners. By Sunday evening the 13th, Sanders, Bob & Brian had sold virtually everything. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine doing this on my own. Their pre-sale preparation was meticulous and thorough. Their item pricing knowledge was right on. The flow of people thru the house and ending up at the cash register was expertly arranged. Proceeds form the sale were documented and promptly returned. In a nutshell, they were PROFESSIONAL, PROFESSIONAL, PROFESSIONAL and nice guys to boot. I would highly reccomend their services.”

Kerry Danson
(678) 612-6818

Date of Posting: 24 June 2012
Posted By: Kerry Danson
The Situation

“My sister and I flew into Atlanta on Thursday, January 19 to close on the home of our deceased step-mother. The closing was set for the following Wednesday, January 25. A co-executor of the trust had failed to make arrangement about the final disposal of the furniture. I made four calls to businesses that special in estate sales. Sanders Dupree of The Estate Experts was the only one who returned my call. Sanders came out that afternoon to survey the house and discuss the options and his services.

Sanders was very understanding of the critical nature of our situation as the buyers were to take full possession of the house with all furniture gone by the following Tuesday. We were virtually at his mercy to say the least. Sanders returned the next day with an associate to completely inventory everything in the house (and there was a mass amount of furniture, knick-knacks, etc. On Saturday, he and a crew of five returned. By the end of the day, everything had been loaded into a 32-foot van to be taken to storage. (It rained hard the next day, which would have prevented any moving exercise.) Monday, we were able to order a full cleaning of the carpeting while Sanders people returned to move various pieces of outdoor entertainment furniture. We were able to have a successful “walk-through” on Tuesday, and closing on Wednesday.

Sale of Home Furniture
Subsequently, I worked with Sanders over the phone as he walked me through the process he would take to sell the many items. Within 3-4 weeks, Sanders scheduled the first of two major “estate sales” that featured all of our furniture combined with some furniture from other clients. This “estate sale” took place in a vacant home that Sanders used to put the items on display. I fly back to Atlanta to see the “house” and discussed the follow-up accounting procedure on all items sold. I was in pretty much agreement on the “tagged cost” of all items based on Sander’s knowledge. The “Trust” was to receive 70% of the sales price and Sander’s company took 30%, which is a reasonable and standard cost in this unusual business. We pretty much were on target with the initial sales projections. After each estate sale Sanders provided a sales recap via e-mail and followed-up with a commission check to be deposited in our Trust account. Sanders is a very buttoned-down guy in this regard. As was expected, but also somewhat to our surprise several items have not sold. Sander continues to work on selling these items in follow-up estate sales and e-bay and Craig’s List. At some point, we will authorize him to donate items to a worthy charity.

Without question, Sanders and his company were a lifesaver, and I would heartily endorse his services. More than that, Sanders is just a pleasure to work with … how can you not like such a great Southern name! He is a most interesting man with a lot of experience in this kind of a business, and I believe a man of integrity. Please feel free to e-mail or call me to discuss anything about the experience that I have described. I can be reached at 727 / 249 – 8733 (St. Petersburg, Florida).”
Thomas B. Thomas

Date of Posting: 13 June 2012
Posted By: Tom B. Thomas

“I have used Sanders Dupree and Estate Liquidation for 2 projects and have been very pleased with their work. Sanders is an excellent business person and a pleasure to work with. He has a very organized process and lays that out clearly, communicates and updates regularly and delivers on his commitments. Sanders does not over promise, he presents resonable expectations and delivers or exceeds on those expectations. A professional in his business dealings.

Date of Posting: 11 June 2012
Posted By: scott murphy

“My 95 yearold Mother died in November of 2011. As the only child in the Atlanta area it fell to me dispose of many years of accumulated “stuff”. I found Estate Liquidators on the internet and could not have been more pleased with their services. They were both kind and professional. I do not know what I would have done without their help.”

Date of Posting: 31 May 2012
Posted By: sandra mcgibbon

“I contacted Sanders Dupree on a Friday morning about our situation. (The home of my deceased stepmother had been sold and the closing/possession was in 4 days.) Sanders came out on Friday afternoon and surveyed the situation. He began inventorying furniture and other household goods. The next morning he returned with a 30-foot rental truck and crew of five to begin removing all items. His crew finished around 6pm. (It rained the next day, which would have prevented any type of move.) On Monday, we were able to get the carpets cleaned and readied the house for a final “walk-through inspection”. His crew did return that day to also remove a sizable amount of outdoor furniture. We were able to have a successful closing on Tuesday thanks to Sanders’ efforts, which were just unbelievable. (Hint … don’t wait as long as we did to do this – smile.)

Sanders owns an “empty house” across the street from where he lives. This “empty house” offers an excellent place to move and store furniture and put together an estate sale. Since he lives nearby, it is easy and convenient to work-out details for the eventual sale of furniture, etc. The pricing of items for sale were realistic and the final sale pretty close to the original estimates.

In short, Sanders runs a very tight and legitimate business … a very unique one for those like me in an unusual situation. He was a lifesaver. Besides, how can a person in Atlanta not like a man with the name of Sanders Dupree!

I would gladly recommend his services. If you would like more information from me, just e-mail me (Tom Thomas)at:
This recommendation was posted 4/27/2012″

Date of Posting: 27 April 2012
Posted By: Thomas B. Thomas

“When my mom passed recently at age 95, she left a house in Northeast Atlanta that was “filled to the brim” with wonderful antiques – some simply gorgeous, all beautiful and yet not what most people appreciate these days. As executor of her estate, it was my job to somehow find buyers of her many household items.

My husband and I interviewed several estate liquidation companies in and around Atlanta. We settled on Estate Liquidation and Management Services because their staff was the most knowledgeable about the items my mom had left. Like us, Sanders and Bob are longtime Atlantans and quite expert with regard to antiques and getting their customers the best prices.

Indeed, they truly lived up to their online name, “The Estate Experts,” finding buyers for virtually all our items. Thanks, Gentlemen, for a great job!”

Date of Posting: 17 June 2011
Posted By: Sonia Simonet

“When my late wife passed away, I inherited not only the things we had accumulated during our 32 years together but things she had inherited from her parents and through them from her grandparents. Some of those things were antiques, furniture, silver, crystal, art. Almost all were things the preset-day value of which I couldn’t estimate. Eventually I decided to sell my house and to greatly reduce my possessions. I gave some to relatives and friends. I wanted to sell others, yet I knew next to nothing about managing their sale. After some research, I decided to employ Estate Liquidators, and I am very happy I did. I unreservedly suggest that others in situations similar to mine contact Estate Liquidators before deciding to seek help elsewhere.”

Date of Posting: 01 February 2011
Posted By: Cliff Lutton

“As a caregiver, it was my responsibility to dispose of many different items accumulated over many years. The overwhelmingly complex task can usually be difficult at best. Equally daunting is the task of finding a reputable party or business that can assist in this endeavor. I was fortunate to have the able assistance of Estate Liquidation and Management Services to perform all of the necessary steps in disposing of the many items, both large and small, which were included in the estate. Their methods and procedures were handled in a timely and efficient manner that resulted in the sale of all but a very few minor items. The task would have been seemingly impossible without their help. I would highly recommend their highly professional assistance, without any hesitation, to anyone faced with the disposal of an estate.”

Date of Posting: 27 January 2011
Posted By: W. Squires [ Atlanta, GA ]

“When an offer was made on my lake house in Georgia, I wanted to do whatever it took to accommodate the buyers as home are difficult to sell in today’s market. The problem with the offer was the buyers wanted to close in less than three weeks. I was residing in the state of Washington while my fully furnished home was in a rural area in Georgia. I needed special help in having an estate sale with such a short turn-around time. Thank goodness for Estate Liquidators! Their expert and knowledgeable team was able to meet the challenge of an unusual type of estate sale. Instead of doing the routine type of sale where all the pricing and sale is done in the home (which would normally take at least a month) , they were able to move all the furnishing to a storage area to do the pricing and will conduct the sale in the populated Atlanta Market instead of a remote lake area. The entire staff worked very hard and was extremely professional. Because of their efforts, I was able to meet the closing requirement and the sale of my home took place without a hitch. Thank you Estate Liquidators.”

Date of Posting: 19 October 2010
Posted By: Joyce B [ Gig Harbor, WA ]