What is an Estate Liquidator?

Most everyone will come into contact with one during their life time, pills either dealing with a relative’s or their own estate while downsizing. Some Estate Liquidators may offer a complete estate service while others will just host an estate sale,  which can make a substantial difference with the outcome. A liquidator that offers multiple ways of selling the contents and cleanout are more beneficial. Always pick a liquidator in your geographical area that specializes in the type products you wish to sale. It is also a good idea to find a liquidator who has certification and properly trained, treat as most are not certified nor had professional training.

Dealing with a deceased person’s property can be very difficult and emotional, depending on the connection with the deceased. A professional estate liquidator will not have the emotional ties, therefore, offering a faster and more comprehensive job. A good estate liquidator will offer several ways to dispose of the many items found in a home. Remember, an Estate Sale is one step above a Garage Sale and usually last a few days. Family members or close friends should, if possible, go through the possessions and mark the items they wish to keep, and then call an estate expert to recommend what to do with the remainder. This should include consignment or buy-out of the more expensive items, organizing an estate sale, donating unsold items and then “clean-out” of the property.