Estate Sale & Liqudation Rates

Every day people get ‘ripped off’ by unscrupulous contractors who promise the world and deliver nothing but problems. We are here to assist our clients in making sure this doesn’t happen to them.

Initial Phone Call: An experienced member of our staff will describe our services and what is involved. If we believe we can be of assistance we will request some photographs of the contents to be emailed for our review.

Initial Meeting:   There is normally no charge for the initial meeting if photographs are email prior to the meeting.  Otherwise a non-refundable debit or credit card charge of $65.00 will be requested. This fee is credited to the client’s account once our services are completed.

Should the client requests additional consultation that may require research and valuation of items,  a fee will be charged based on time spend.

  • Liquidation: There are no out-of-pocket expenses on auction items, mind consignments and estate sales. The commission for liquidation of contents depends on several factors as the size of estate and quality of contents. Commissions run around 30% to 35% of gross sales.
  • Downsizing: The charges for this service are based on several factors; size of estate, ambulance contents to be liquidated and other services requested.
  • Cleanout: Junk Removal and Hauling Service used frequently to:
    • Remove trash and unsalable items prior to and after an estate sale.
    • Separate and remove the salable and unsalable items from the home of “hoarders”.
    • Removal of items prior to placing a home for sale.

The rate for this service is calculated on: amount to be trashed, if dumpster is required, value of salable items, amount and size of  items to be donated.

NOTE: Household items are placed into one of three categories; Trash, Donate and Salable. Salable items must have a value high enough to justify the expense of moving, storing, describing, photographing, listing and paying an eBay or retail commission. These expenses can greatly reduce the value of some items.