Home Clean Out

  • THE WAY IT WORKS: This service is used to remove all non-attached items from the space and leave broom cleaned. We insist any and all items the client desire to retain be removed or well-marked. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will make photographs during the initial visit to determine the cost of the clean-out. NOTE: There may be a $65.00 charge for the initial visit which will be credited back on the final invoice.
    • Initial Visit
    • Some items with value may be purchased. This is deducted from clean-out service.
    • Divide everything into one of three classifications. “Trash,  Donate and Salable.
    • Go through all cabinets, approved drawers, shelves and etc. to make sure there are no items [Example: photographs, papers, money, jewelry and etc.] we believe was overlooked by the client.
    • Remove all items to be donated or purchased.
    • Deliver donated items and give receipt with inventory to client.
    • Remove everything else via dumpster, public trash collection and truck.
    • Vacuum
  • Note: In order to make an offer on salable items we must subtract a profit margin, cost of packing, moving, storage, sales cost. 
  • Please Note: You may be ask to email or fax photographs of some of the rooms prior to our initial visit.